FlexTrade Top 10 Blog 2016

FlexTrade Top 10 Blog 2016: A Year in Review

FlexTrade, a leading provider of multi-asset execution and order management systems, has had a successful year in terms of providing insightful and informative content on their blog. As we look back at the top 10 blog posts from 2016, we can see a wide range of topics covered, from market trends to technology advancements. Let’s explore some of the best content that FlexTrade had to offer in 2016.

A Look at the Evolution of Algorithmic Trading

One of the standout posts from FlexTrade’s blog in 2016 was a deep dive into the evolution of algorithmic trading. This post explored how algorithmic trading has changed over the years, from its humble beginnings to its current state as a dominant force in the financial markets. The post also touched on the future of algorithmic trading and how advancements in technology are shaping its trajectory.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Trading

Another popular post from FlexTrade’s blog in 2016 was focused on the rise of artificial intelligence in trading. This post discussed how AI is being used to analyze market data, predict trends, and execute trades at lightning speed. The post also highlighted some of the key players in the AI trading space and the potential implications for the future of trading.

Navigating the Complexities of MiFID II Compliance

MiFID II was a hot topic in the financial industry in 2016, and FlexTrade’s blog provided valuable insights into the complexities of compliance. This post delved into the key requirements of MiFID II, the challenges that firms were facing in meeting these requirements, and the potential impact on the industry as a whole. It was a must-read for anyone involved in financial regulation.


In conclusion, FlexTrade’s blog in 2016 was a treasure trove of valuable information for anyone interested in the financial markets. From algorithmic trading to artificial intelligence to regulatory compliance, FlexTrade covered a wide range of topics with depth and insight. As we look ahead to 2017, we can only expect more great content from FlexTrade’s blog.

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