FlexTrade Aligns with IHS Markit ThinkFolio

FlexTrade Systems, a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, has announced a partnership with IHS Markit ThinkFolio, a leading provider of portfolio management and order management systems. This collaboration aims to enhance trading solutions for institutional clients by combining FlexTrade’s advanced trading capabilities with IHS Markit ThinkFolio’s powerful portfolio management tools.

FlexTrade Partners with IHS Markit ThinkFolio

FlexTrade’s partnership with IHS Markit ThinkFolio brings together two industry leaders in the financial technology space. FlexTrade’s advanced trading solutions, including its execution management system (EMS) and order management system (OMS), will now be integrated with IHS Markit ThinkFolio’s portfolio management platform. This integration will provide institutional clients with a seamless end-to-end trading experience, allowing for more efficient and effective trade execution.

Collaboration to Enhance Trading Solutions

By aligning with IHS Markit ThinkFolio, FlexTrade aims to offer institutional clients a comprehensive suite of trading solutions that meet their evolving needs. The collaboration will enable clients to access a wide range of asset classes and trading strategies, while also benefiting from enhanced risk management and compliance capabilities. With FlexTrade’s advanced trading capabilities seamlessly integrated with IHS Markit ThinkFolio’s portfolio management tools, clients can expect a streamlined and efficient trading process that helps them achieve their investment objectives.

Overall, the partnership between FlexTrade and IHS Markit ThinkFolio represents a significant step forward in the evolution of trading solutions for institutional clients. By combining their respective strengths in trading technology and portfolio management, the two companies are well-positioned to deliver innovative and effective solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s institutional investors. This collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in driving innovation and enhancing the capabilities of financial technology solutions in the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets.

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